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GUL 42" body board now 1/2 price rrp £49.99

GUL 42" body board now 1/2 price rrp £49.99

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Response bodyboard a great board for a great price. Built to our specification by our custom shapers to give the best response and ride. With the bright colours and leash (included) it'll be hard to lose this one at sea.


  • EPO Core
  • 60:40 Rails
  • Cresent Tail
  • Slick Bottom
  • Leash & Plug
  • 42" Board

Body Board Care Guide:

  1. Please keep your board out of direct sunlight.  If this can't be avoided cover your boards with a towel when on the beach .  Do not leave it in a hot car.  Heat causes the core foam to emit a gas.  The gas will search for the surface of the boards and the weakest spot will raise and bubble on the deck or bottom skin.  Heat bubbles are not covered by any warranty as  a defect.
  2. Wash your bodyboard with fresh water after each use.  Do not use in a Chlorinated pool.
  3. Do not use your board as a skim board.  Running or jumping on a bodyboard will weaken the core and could break it.
  4. When storing your board do not place heavy items on top of it.


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