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International Micron 350 Antifoul - 2.5LTR

International Micron 350 Antifoul - 2.5LTR

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Micron 350 replaces Micron Extra 2, Micron Optima and Micron WA.


Micron 350 is a premium Self Polishing Copolymer (SPC) antifouling that is effective against fouling organisms, slime, aquatic plants and animals, which is suitable for application by both cosumers and professionals in fresh a nd salt water.

The continuously polishing system provides up to 2 years performance, avoiding paint build up. The eversmoothing surface ensures that drag is always minimised whilst maintaining optimum biocide release including in stationary periods.

Compatible to overcoat all other International antifouls with the exception of VC 17M.


Coverage: By Brush Roller - 10 m2 /lt (Theorectical)

9 m2 /lt (Practical)

Application Details - Micron Extra

Area Underwater, hull
Finish/Sheen Low Sheen
Thinner: Thinner No.3
Number of Coats: 2-3 by brush/roller
Method of application: Airless Spray / Brush / Airmix / Roller
Suitable for high speed craft?


International Micron 350 Data Sheet

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