desiccant dehumifier

Its that time of year... lets keep the boat dry with a dehumdifier - why buy desiccant

On the market there are 2 types of dehumidifier ... COMPRESSOR AND DESICCANT ... so which one should i buy ?

Here at yachtmail we have sold both types of dehumidifier 


They work by creating a cold surface and when the warm damp air touches the cold surface condensation forms and the water is removed from the air. these type of dehumidifiers only work when the temperature is at a minuim of 10'c so this means that the dehumidifier will spend a lots of time defrosting itself.


One benifit of a desiccant dehumidifiers is that they can remove large amounts of moisture from the air at one time . this is why they aree great for boats abd campervans as the temperature oftern drops very low and have a high humidity level.

so this is the answer to why you should buy a desiccant dehumdifier over a compressor..

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