It's Time To Get Winter Ready With Zone3...

It's Time To Get Winter Ready With Zone3...

Open water swimming is an activity for all, and as the summer draws to an end; winter aproaches we have all the Zone3 gear keep you warm and ready.

Zone3 the worlds leaders in triathlon gear bring you everything needed to swim or compete all year round. From their super flexible and buoyant wetsuits, to the heat tech gloves and socks they provide all you could need this winter.

For all the beginners to open water swimming and triathlons this year, Zone3 have designed their 'Agile' wetsuit made from pannels of 2,3 &4 mm buoyant neoprene. This wetsuit will, keep your body streamlined in the water, all while reducing your overall fatique and enabling your ability to improve both your swimming speed and techniques. 

Zone3 have also designed an exceptioanl range of accessories that pair with their wetsuits. From head to toe, you can find available on our website their 2mm insulated neoprene skull caps, gloves and socks. These, Zone3 products can also be found in a thicker 3.5mm Heat Tech insulated Neoprene version for those who feel the cold more than others.



 Zone3 Agile Wetsuit - Men's and Women's (front)Zone3 Agile Wetsuit - Both Men's and Women's (Back)


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