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500ml Fuel Set - Fuel conditioner removes diesel bug

500ml Fuel Set - Fuel conditioner removes diesel bug

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Fuel Set is a complete fuel conditioner that maintains a clean fuel system, giving substantial fuel savings, better performance and significant reductions in harmful emissions in all petrol and diesel engines.

Using Fuel Set avoids manual cleaning of fuel systems, reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the life of engine parts.

  • Economical 4000:1 mix ratio
  • Treats all fuels – petrol, diesel, gasoil, two stroke & heating oil
  • Suitable for all engines
  • Removes water from fuel systems
  • Kills & removes the Diesel Bug - no more blocked filters
  • Cleans injectors & jets - removes gums, waxes, resins and acids
  • Removes carbon build up
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions & black smoke
  • Prolongs the life of catalytic converters
  • Reduces expensive maintenance & downtime
  • Restores lost fuel economy
  • Improves performance
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