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Blue Gee

Antifreeze Pink Blue Gee 5LTR

Antifreeze Pink Blue Gee 5LTR

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Blue Gee non-toxic antifreeze has been formulated to deliver superior cold weather and corrosion protection for marine craft water and engine coolant systems during storage.

BLUE GEE Anti-Freeze provides burst protection down to -73°C (copper pipes) and is safe for aluminium, copper, brass and all types of plastic and won’t damage rubber components or gaskets.

This product contains multi-metal and multi-function inhibitors to prevent corrosion, scaling and biological fouling.

BLUE GEE Anti-Freeze is biodegradable and will not remain in the environment or bio-accumulate.

The industry-standard rating for winterisation fluids is based on burst protection, not freeze protection. A stored unit that is not in use, does not need to be kept ice crystal free. However, as ice crystals form and become denser, they increase pressure on the pipe, which can ultimately burst.

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