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Baltic Life Jackets

Baltic - 'LEGEND' Automatic Harness Life Jacket (165N)

Baltic - 'LEGEND' Automatic Harness Life Jacket (165N)

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Baltic's best-selling inflatable lifejacket Legend 165 with integrated safety harness.

Legend sits further out on the shoulders and further back from the neck than other models, this in combination with soft and flexible materials makes it a very comfortable lifejacket.

A safety harness with woven loop and airy mesh lining in the back. Equipped with inspection window, the valve's green indicators show that the lifejacket is charged and ready for use.

Detachable crotch strap and whistle. Carrying capacity 165 and is classified as a life jacket.

Please don't hesitate to call our friendly team on +44(0)1590672784 for assistance making a choice.

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