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Euro Type Anode (Fairline Series) - 320mm

Euro Type Anode (Fairline Series) - 320mm

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Anodes protect the various metal components (propeller, shaft, keel, rudder, engine) from deterioration caused by galvanic corrosion when your boat'Ã¥Âçs hull is submerged.

Galvanic corrosion is the deterioration of metal, which occurs when dissimilar metals are joined together by a conductor in an electrically conductive fluid the least noble metal (the anode) dissolves while the most noble metal (the cathode) remains protected.

Anodes deterioration must be monitored carefully and replaced every year when doing the antifouling/launching or when the anode is 75% dissolved.


Anode suitable for use on the hull.

Length : 320mm Width : 65mm Weight : 2.2KG

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