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G.BUDS – Surf Ear Plugs

G.BUDS – Surf Ear Plugs

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G.BUDS Surf Ear Plugs give you great protection letting the sound in but keeping the water out to maximise your surfing enjoyment. Included are multiple Fin and Bud sizes to ensure that you get the perfect fit.

How to assemble the G.BUDS:
Choose a Fin and Bud size and assemble as per below. You can experiment with different Fin and Bud setups till you find a size that fits your ear. When fitting the Sound Filter to the Fin, ensure that the Wing inserts into the Fin Groove as per below to secure the Sound Filter in place.

Ensure the G.BUDS are clean and free from dirt. Pull the top of your ear upwards and outwards whilst at the same time gently pushing the earplug in. Make sure you insert the right earplug into the right ear and the left earplug into the left ear as per the images below, with the Fin hooking securely into place. Careful not to push too hard down on the Sound Filter.

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