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prodec all purpose contractors paint brush

prodec all purpose contractors paint brush

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Prodec Contractor All Purpose Paint Brush. A medium quality mixed bristle paint brush suitable for contractor use. 50% black SRT filament and 50% Pure Bristle mix. Stainless ferrule, good bristle length, red varnished plastic handle.

Available in these sizes:

  • 1/2" inch/12mm (Thickness 10mm; Bristle Length Out 44mm)
  • 0.75 inch/19mm (Thickness 12mm; Bristle Length Out 44mm)
  • 1 inch/25mm (Thickness 14mm; Bristle Length Out 44mm)
  • 1.5 inch/38mm (Thickness 16mm; Bristle Length Out 58mm)
  • 2 inch/50mm (Thickness 19mm; Bristle Length Out 65mm)
  • 2.5 inch/63mm (Thickness 21mm; Bristle Length Out 70mm)
  • 3 inch/75mm (Thickness 21mm; Bristle Length Out 75mm)
  • 4 inch/100mm (Thickness 21mm; Bristle Length Out 88mm)
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