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Spinlock PXR Cam Cleat 2-6 mm line PXR0206

Spinlock PXR Cam Cleat 2-6 mm line PXR0206

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New PXR Cam Cleat designed for precision control of high
performance lines 2-6mm

The PXR racing camcleat features a three stage adjustment spring allowing users to select the release setting for the application and prevailing conditions.

Lighter settings for continuously trimmed sheets, traveller controls, vangs and similar controls.

Harder for halyards and occasionally adjusted lines.

The roller action of the PXR ensures easy release of lines as wind load increases


Metric Imperial
Dimensions L (mm) H (mm) W (mm) L (") H (") W (")
65 41 29.5 9/16 1 5/8 1/ 1/6
Max SWL @ 6mm/1/4" 140 kg 308 lbs
Weight 0.034kg 0.075lbs


  • Three stage adjustable release spring
  • Alloy cam and base surfaces as standard
  • Large grip area;kinder to rope
  • Ultra compact low profile design
  • Stainless steel rope guides provide wide operating arc
  • Integral 6 degree wedge
  • T-Series for retrofit in hole centres of traditional cam cleats
  • SW-Series swivel mounted PXR
  • VP-Series mast mounted PXR
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