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Spinlock XTS 8-14mm Triple Rope Clutch

Spinlock XTS 8-14mm Triple Rope Clutch

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Multi role clutch for lines 8-14mm (5/16-9/16")

Perfect for today's cruising and racing yachts up to 42 feet

Why a good line size range is important : Lines will often be switched or replaced, or smaller stronger lines will be fitted. So, a bank of clutches should never be limited to a fixed diameter and type of line; having a wider range ensures your clutch is going to cope with your actual line, used or new.

This clutch can also be side-mounted with the additional side-mount kit XAS-SMNT


Metric Imperial
Dimensions L (mm) H (mm) W (mm) L (") H (") W (")
156 86 99 6 1/7 3 2/5 3 7/8
Max SWL @ 14mm/9/16" 1000 kg 2200 lbs
Weight 1.470 kg 3.240 lbs


  • easy release
  • toughened impact resistance
  • side-grip access soft feel
  • optional colour inserts give positive identification.
  • modular build : easiest to upgrade & maintain
  • the new option to optimise
  • improves release
  • line-friendly
  • increases performance
  • widest rope range
  • same hole spacings as XA
  • extra clutching and holding power on small diameter lines
  • withstands the hardest working conditions
  • alloy centreplates share high loads on multiple units
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