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swarm aquashoes adults for swimming

swarm aquashoes adults for swimming

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These excellent unisex Swarm aqua shoes are the ideal choice for any trip or holiday where you or your family will be in or near water. Perfect for beach holidays or to use in a wide range of water sports including kayaking, snorkelling, coasteering, swimming and even fishing.

black sole - these are designed for the beach rather than being on deck

hard wearing, robust soles provide great protection from any hiding creatures (such as weaver fish and jellyfish). They have a comfortable, neoprene upper that will drain well and is also quick drying. These essential beach wear are at a very affordable price. Features:

  • Robust, protective sole
  • Comfortable neoprene upper – quick drying and easy draining
  • Perfect accompaniment to a wetsuit
  • Toggle fastening is easy to adjust and ensures a snug fit
  • Great price!
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