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Zone 3 Open Water Swimming Wetsuit MENS 'Advance' 50% OFF RRP

Zone 3 Open Water Swimming Wetsuit MENS 'Advance' 50% OFF RRP

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The new use of the high-performing Yamamoto foam material, in this latest version of the Advance wetsuit, improves comfort and performance. The material has a massive 480-580% elongation which ensures superior flexibility – with an expansion of 7 x that of conventional wetsuit materials. Yamamoto also has high heat retention properties which makes it perfect for keeping the body warmer in colder water, helping to reduce body fatigue and improve overall performance.

Eco-Friendly Neoprene
Eco-friendly neoprene is also used throughout the suit. The neoprene is derived from limestone and scrap rubber tires which reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200g per suit. Additionally, the majority of neoprene production waste is recycled back into the suits, helping to minimise landfill waste and help protect the environment.

Weight Reduction
This version of the Advance wetsuit is 16% lighter versus the 2020 model while still maintaining the same levels of buoyancy and warmth.

Aqua-X Coating
The suit is treated with an Aqua-X coating which helps to minimise drag and to increase speed through the water.

Buoyancy Panels
4mm core support buoyancy panels on the upper legs help to keep the legs higher up in the water, towards the surface, to reduce drag and to prevent fatigue.

High Visibility
High visibility panels are integrated throughout the suit to help you stand out in the water.

Slimline Pro-Speed Cuffs
Speeding up the removal of the suit, the wetsuit features Zone3’s unique Slimline Pro-Speed Cuffs.

Laser-Cut Collar
The laser-cut collar delivers a comfortable ‘soft-close’ fit around the neck.

Raglan Sleeve Panel
Providing increased flexibility, the raglan sleeve panel design allows for greater stroke efficiency.

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